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Published on December 27th, 2017 | by The Iceman


Review of Igloos the Sentry Mittens

Review of Igloos the Sentry Mittens The Iceman

Summary: These gloves aren't perfect but they are the best I have found. I have been using them for three seasons without issue.


Pretty Good

The Sentry Mittens by Igloos are my favorite gloves for ice fishing. I have tried all manners of gloves and these are the ones I have been sticking with for the last three seasons. They aren’t perfect but they work better than anything else I’ve found for my time on the ice.

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Igloos the Sentry Mittens are basically gloves with the fingertips cut out and a pull over mitten that lets you cover your exposed fingers up when it gets too cold.

To be totally honest I usually do most of my ice fishing without any gloves on at all. This against the kind of thinking that would keep you warm on the ice but in the heat of the moment when you’re setting tip ups and reeling in panfish by the dozens you sometimes find it easier to go without.

Light and nimble

When you need to tie a knot or unhook a fish you usually don’t want to have gloves covering your hands. Even numb fingertips are better suited for tying a knot on a small hook with fine line than using gloves covering in lots of wool and plastic.

Igloo mittens ice fishing

The great thing about the Sentry Mitten is that they’re so light you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. Plus your finger tips are exposed so you can do all your knot tying and fish reeling without any impediment whatsoever. At the same time you can keep your hands somewhat warm thanks to the gloves. When you’re not actively using your finger tips you can even pull the mittens over your fingers to keep them from going so cold that they render themselves useless. On particularly cold days and during the tail end of long sessions that can be a real relief.

Closing thoughts

I should admit that even though these gloves are light and comfortable I do still throw them off from time to time. These seems to be more an issue of habit than anything. Sometimes when I see a tip up go off or a jaw jacker set a hook I go into automatic fisherman mode and throw off my gloves in a single motion like hockey players getting ready to fight.

That’s not to say anything against the gloves themselves however. They are quite good. They don’t cost much at all yet they keep your hands warm and mostly stay out of the way. They also last. I’ve been wearing mine for years as I’ve said.

The only real downside to the Sentry Mitten is the wool blend material they are made of. It is obviously not waterproof so it can soak up some water while you’re fishing. At the same time the material helps keep you warm. It keeps you warm even when wet too, so it’s not all that bad. Plus the material dries quickly if you put the gloves up somewhere. They’re always dry for me by the time I drive home from the ice, even if I’ve plunged my hands into the icy water below at some point during the outing.

Igloos the Sentry Mittens are available at Amazon.


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