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Published on December 21st, 2017 | by The Iceman


Review of the Wigwam 40 Below Heavyweight Boot Socks

Review of the Wigwam 40 Below Heavyweight Boot Socks The Iceman

Summary: These are my favorite wool socks for ice fishing. They don't cost much but they keep you warm and last through many seasons.



The Wigwam 40 Below Heavyweight Boot Socks are fantastic wool socks for ice fishing that surprisingly don’t cost all that much money. If you layer up like I recommend in my article on staying warm while ice fishing you can make a pair or two of these last through several seasons, all the while keeping you nice and comfortable out on the ice.

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The Wigwam 40 Below Heavyweight Boot Socks are my favorite socks for ice fishing and they have been for the last few years. I wear them over another pair of thinner black socks as a part of my layering. I wear the first socks under my Rocky Venator Thermal Pants then tuck the bottom of my thermal pants into these socks. After that I put on my Nationplus boots and I am guaranteed to be comfortable and dry all day long.

A great thing about these socks is that they dry fast if they do happen to get wet. That is not true of all wool socks or even socks in general. Another good thing about these socks in particular is that they are not thick, bulky or stiff even though they are made of wool. It is actually surprising how thin they are considering that can keep your feet comfortable in weather as low as forty degres below zero!

wigwam 40 below socks

They’re also pretty inexpensive. You can often find them on sale late in the season at local shops if you time things just right but it’s easier and usually more prudent to buy them at the beginning of the season so you can actually put them to use. Even then the prices are totally reasonable. You can usually find these socks online for ten bucks or less which ain’t bad considering how good they are and how long they can last. For reference I’m still using a pair of 40 Belows from three years ago that doesn’t really look any different now than it did when the purchase was made.

For whatever reason the Wigwam 40 Below socks come in a wide variety of colors. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about the color of my socks when I am on the ice or any other time for that matter. My local stores usually only carry the socks in black, but if I found the same socks in another color like “cornflower” for a lower price I would certainly buy them instead.

Wigwam 40 Below Heavyweight Boot Socks are available at Amazon.

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