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Published on April 15th, 2018 | by The Iceman


Review of the Berkley Ice Metal Scoop

Review of the Berkley Ice Metal Scoop The Iceman

Summary: This is a fantastic little tool that does the job it was meant for but can also do a whole lot more. Everyone should have one.



The Ice Metal Scoop by the famed Berkley company isn’t a product that gets a lot of attention. Since they have so many more famous products like PowerBait and Gulp! on the market, perhaps that is understandable. Still, people who spend time ice fishing should give the Ice Metal Scoop a closer look.

An ice scoop is an integral tool for ice fishing. You can get by without it, but you’re much better off with an ice scoop in your gear. You can scoop ice out of your holes and keep them from freezing up which also helps with your fishing lines and tip ups.

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The Berkley Ice Metal Scoop is one of the best ice scoops around. With a solid chisel on the back end and measurements up the handle, it is good for a lot more than scooping out slush. On top of that, it usually sells for a pretty low price.

The previously reviewed Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer is a decent metal ice scoop, but the Berkley Ice Metal Scoop is so much more thanks to the features mentioned above. Surprisingly, the Berkley Ice Metal Scoop often sells at a lower price than the less useful Eagle Claw scoop. I don’t know that is, I just know that it is a fact as I have seen it with my own eyes many times.

The Berkley Ice Metal Scoop is a sturdy tool made out of stainless steel, but it isn’t heavy at all. The entire thing is twenty inches long and it is actually pretty darn light. The scoop is big and loaded with holes that quickly drain water without dropping slush back into your hole. You can scoop out a ten inch hole in seconds with this thing.

berkley ice metal scoop

As mentioned, the back side of the Ice Metal Scoop is forged into an ice chisel. This is actually a pretty good chisel. You can use it to bust out frozen holes from the day prior or check the top layer of ice. It is well made. You can really jab the ice with this without worrying about breaking. The stem section is strong enough to take it without bending or breaking. There is a small thick rubber cover than you can slide on the chisel so you don’t have to deal with the sharp edge when you don’t want to.

The stem section is also lined with a ruler as I wrote above. Fifteen inches are clearly marked. They are lined up in a way that you can quickly throw a fish up against the scoop section and get an accurate measurement. This is great if you need to measure fish to make sure they are of legal size. If they’re too small you find out quickly and get them back in the water so they can live to grow larger.

The measurement section is perhaps even more useful for checking ice thickness. You can easily dip the scoop down in a freshly drilled hole and then hook it onto the bottom of the ice. Then it is only a matter at looking at the measurements to see where the water breaks and you know how thick the ice you’re standing on is. That’s truly great and it sure beats guesstimates.

The Berkley Ice Metal Scoop is a fantastic little tool. It’s well made and it sells at a very reasonable price. It does the job it was made for and a whole lot more. It covers multiple aspects of ice fishing without taking up a lot of space. I have nothing negative to say about it at all. Everyone who fishes through the ice should have one.

The Berkley Ice Metal Scoop is available at Amazon.


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