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Published on April 15th, 2018 | by The Iceman


Review of the Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer

Review of the Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer The Iceman

Summary: This isn't the best ice skimmer on the market but it scoops out slush and that's really all that matters when it comes to this kind of tool.



An ice skimmer is a pretty important ice fishing accessory. You can certainly fish through the ice without one but I wouldn’t want to. I have done it in the past and it can be problematic to say the least. The Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer is relatively inexpensive but it is is good enough to get the job done. There are better scoops on the market, but at some point you do have to ask yourself how far you want to go in terms of equipment.

The Eagle Claw company is well known, but it is not necessarily well known for making high quality products. Some things like Eagle Claw hooks and especially the Lazer Sharp hook line are pretty well respected, but some of their other products could be described as junk. Eagle Claw has put their name on a lot of products over the years including some that no serious angler would want.

That isn’t the case with the Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer though. This is a pretty darn good tool even though it is made and sold by Eagle Claw at a price that could only be described as very reasonable.

Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer

The Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer is sixteen inches long. It is made of rust proof metal. The scoop section is a big metal circle with drain holes. When I say big, I mean it. If you’re fishing in holes that are smaller than 8 inches in diameter, this scoop will be too big for you to use. On the tail end it has a little curl that can be used to hook the scoop to your belt or the side of your five gallon bucket.

The ice skimmer works as any scoop should. You can dip it down into your hole and quickly scoop out any slush that has built up. This keeps your hole open and prevents your line from freezing solid in the water. Keeping slush out of the hole also helps keep slush off your line, which in turn can prevent the eyes of your fishing pole from freezing up.

There’s not much more than can be said about the Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer. After all, it is basically a metal ladle with some holes in it that just happens to be made for ice fishing. You wouldn’t go on and on about a soup spoon even if the thing was really good at getting broth into your mouth.

The Eagle Claw Ice Skimmer is available at Amazon.


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