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Published on December 2nd, 2017 | by The Iceman


Review of the Marcum M1 Flasher

Review of the Marcum M1 Flasher The Iceman

Summary: The Marcum M1 isn't the best flasher on the market by any means, but it does the job and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


Pretty Good

The Marcum M1 Flasher is one of the less expensive modern ice fishing flashers on the market today. At the same time, it can handle most of the things any one going ice fishing would be looking for in a device like this.

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As the name might indicate, the M1 is basically an entry level ice fishing flasher. That doesn’t mean that it is weak or lacking however. It provides basically everything you need to identify structure and find fish under the ice, and it doesn’t cost an arm a leg.

The Marcum M1 has a modern interface but it operates a lot like the old school flashers. So, if you have never used a flasher before, there might be a little bit of learning involved in putting the thing to use. Only a little though, as it is all easy to grasp.

With the original flashers there was no square screen. The same goes for this Marcum M1. There is a circular display that takes up most of the front of the flasher. On the right side there are two nobs and two buttons.

How the M1 works on the ice

Using a flasher is as easy as turning it on and putting the transducer in a hole through the ice. You want to keep the cable attached to the transducer from touching the ice so it doesn’t freeze solid, but that’s easy enough with the Marcum M1 because it has a built in arm that can easily extend out.

The top nob controls the gain. The button nob controls the range. Basically you adjust the gain to get a clear picture and adjust the range to the approximate depth of the water. That’s all there really is to it. You can figure the thing out after a few minutes even if you have never used a flasher before in your life.

Review of the Marcum M1

The two buttons on the unit don’t get a lot of use, at least from me and the people I fish with. The top “IR” button can be pressed if there is a lot of interference from people nearby using flashers. The bottom “Zoom” button can be used to focus on a particular portion of the water, especially if you are fishing in a very deep lake.

The bottom shows on the flasher usually as a line of red and orange colors. The bottom doesn’t move. You can look next to the bottom on the circle and see how deep the water is. There are numbers on the flasher going around that indicate depth.

You can also see structure on the flasher. Hard things like logs and rocks will show up red. Plants usually show up as green or yellow and they will often move if there is current. Fish are usually small lines that are red. They tend to move up and down, especially when they’re following your lure. That’s basically all there is to it.

A great flasher to buy

Flashers are great because they let you know what kind of water you are fishing. They also let you see and follow your lure. You can watch it on the flasher where it appears as a small blip. You can also see fish coming up to it. In cold waters where fish bite very lightly that can be a huge boon.

The Marcum M1 works like the old flashers but it’s more modern and clear. It is also very well made and has a battery that can last all day and then some. When you want to charge it, you just attach the provided cable and plug it into the wall.

The M1 comes packed in a red canvas case with velcro to hold the front flap back when the unit is in use, or forward when you’re storing or carrying the unit somewhere. There is also a slot under the screen where you can easily store the transducer and its cable.

The Marcum M1 is available at Amazon.

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  1. William says:

    why does my M1 look like I am moving up and down while I am sitting still on the ice?

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