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Published on February 19th, 2018 | by The Iceman


Review of the HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Rigger

Review of the HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Rigger The Iceman

Summary: This isn't the best tip up style product money can buy, but it doesn't cost a lot. It's a good choice if you want fight fish on a rod and reel.



One of the most popular ways to fish on the ice in cold weather is to set baited hooks out then wait for fish to come along and get hooked. The tip up is the standard method for this kind of fishing on the ice, but it’s not necessarily the most sporting or fun.

Because of that, and possibly even due to regulations, many people have designed rigs that support fishing poles including the “jaw jacker” and the HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Rigger.

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The Ice Fishing Rigger isn’t an “automatic fisherman”. There are no contraptions or tools at play to set the hook on a bite. Instead, the Ice Fishing Rigger is basically designed to allow you to fish tip up style while still using a regular ice fishing rod. That allows you to play any fish you catch on a rod and reel rather than just hand lining them in as you would do with a standard tip up. In other words, it’s like a tip up that you use with a rod and reel.

Although it almost looks something like a miniature Rube Goldberg Machine at first glance, the Ice Fishing Rigger is actually really easy to set. You just drop your hook down in the hole to the desired depth and then close the bail on your reel. Next you set your rod in the tube rod holder. Then you pinch the small rubber coated clamp onto your line. Finally, you bend the flag down and set it in the notch on the bar at the front. That’s it. It’s practically fool proof.

HT Ice Fishing Rigger tip up

You obviously have to set your drag very lightly or even open your bail if you’re worried about a big fish pulling your rod down in the hole. Otherwise, you just wait for a fish to bite, which tightens the line and spins the bar in front, releasing the flag which springs up to get your attention.

I do have two complaints about the Ice Fishing Rigger. One is that the base is made of a slick piece of wood. So when you set the thing up on the ice it can slide around a bit if the ice is slippery, if there a big wind, or even if the surface is unlevel. This isn’t a deal breaker but it can be a pain. My other complaint is the way the line just kind of hangs over the end when the rig is set up. If the product was a little better designed something could have been done to extend the line out and over the hole.

Still, I do own and use the Ice Fishing Rigger on a regular basis. So that goes to show that the thing is definitely useful even if it does have its problems. In that, it’s a lot like me.

The HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Rigger is available at Amazon.


4 Responses to Review of the HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Rigger

  1. Gary L Coulman says:

    I don’t think you’re setting the Ice Rigger up properly. You need to pull the line from the first and second eye and place it in the line holder from there, not from the end of the rod. Watch, TGO Episode 32, Diggin’ Ice Diggin’ to see exactly how to set it up.

    • The Iceman says:

      Thanks, I’ll check it out. Sounds like you’re describing how I rigged it though — line from between the first and second eyes placed in the clip.

  2. Gary Coulman says:

    The rod in your picture is plenty long enough. You have the Rigger too close to the hole. Move it back so the line is vertical to the hole from the tip of the rod. Pull the line directly from the spool and hook it into the clip. I’ve used 6′ rods in it, just moved the Rigger back 5′ so the line goes freely into the hole.

    • The Iceman says:

      I just moved it up for the picture. I’ve retired this piece of work and now I’m using regular ice rods and tip ups exclusively.

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