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Published on December 17th, 2017 | by The Iceman


Review of the HT Enterprises Ultra Light Rod

Review of the HT Enterprises Ultra Light Rod The Iceman

Summary: These beautiful little blue and orange rods are some of the most sensitive you will find anywhere. They do the trick on light biting fish!



The HT Enterprises Ultra Light Rod is a great ice fishing pole for a variety of fishing situations. The rod really comes into its own when going after light biting fish through the ice.

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These blue rods with their orange tips have been real workhorses for me over the last ten years. I must have caught a thousand fish on them. I first came across them in a late season discount bin at a Cabela’s. Selling at something like two dollars each I just couldn’t pass the rods up. After trying them out on the ice, I became a true believer and bought several more. That’s why the HT Ultra Light appears on my list of the best ice fishing rods.

The HT Ultra Light Rods have dense blue foam handles with two black plastic rings to hold your reel. Some people tape the reels on but I don’t bother. Once you push the rings up nice and snug they tend to hold.

HT enterprises ultra light rod

These HT rods also have open metal wire eyelets. They are pretty good at avoiding freeze up, but inevitably get some ice in the last two eyes on cold and windy days. I just put a little Chapstick in the holes solve that problem. Others use specialized products or even WD40. I avoid the latter because I believe that it degrades the quality and strength of your fishing line.

You can feel the slightest moves and drops with the HT Ultra Light rods. At the same time, they have the backbone you need to work spoons or fight decent sized fish. I love these rods for fishing light ice fishing spoons like the Slender Spoon or any of my wide assortment of ice fishing jigs.

I pair the HT Ultra Light Rods up with ultralight reels that are usually spooled up with two pound test fishing line. With or without a visible line or spring bobber you can pick up any and all bites using these rods thanks to their noodle like tips that are bright orange. Even if you didn’t see a bite you would certainly feel it telescope through these super sensitive rods.

I use the HT Enterprises Ultra Light Rod in the 18 inch and 24 inch versions. Both work very well for me. I have caught trout and pickerel up to twenty inches on the 18 inch rod, so it can obviously hold up under pressure. Mostly I catch light biting panfish and perch on these rods though, and for that they are truly perfect.

Update: I finally broke one of these poles in 2022. I was jigging for bluegills and the tip just snapped. Considering that the rod was 10 years old I can’t say I was that disappointed!

The HT Enterprises Ultra Light Rod is available from Amazon and Angler’s Emporium.

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