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Published on December 17th, 2017 | by The Iceman


Review of the Clam Tamarack ice fishing shelter

Review of the Clam Tamarack ice fishing shelter The Iceman

Summary: The Tamarack is a decent one to two man pop up ice shelter that can often be found at a great price, when in fact it can still be found.



The Clam Tamarack is a light and portable pop up ice fishing shelter that can often be found on sale, if and when can still actually be found.

The Tamarack comes in the standard Clam blue color. It gives you 60 by 60 inches of space inside and 67 inches of height from ice to ceiling. The shelter is not insulated, but it is made of a thick denier that cuts through the weather so you don’t feel any wind, rain or ice while inside.

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The Tamarack has a big zippered door in the corner, sealed clear plastic windows, a built in ventilation system and four screw-in ice anchors to hold the shelter securely on the ice.

The Tamarack is rated for one or two anglers. Usually that would mean that it is really only for one person. I guess it depends how you situate your chairs, your gear and your ice fishing holes, but I have shared this shelter with other anglers many times without any kind of problem whatsoever.

Review Clam Tamarack

I usually bring out the Tamarack when I’m with one other guy. Most of the time one of us will be in the shelter jigging while the other is out on the ice jigging various holes, setting tip ups, etc. On very cold days I have stayed inside the shelter jigging while another person next to me does the same. We still had room for our Little Buddy heater plus our food and live bait.

I have also used the Tamarack when taking two kids ice fishing. We never felt too crowded either. The Tamarack is a nice size because it’s light and easy to carry and you can fit some people inside.

Clam Tamarack review

The Tamarack is also one of the easiest pop up ice fishing shelters to put up and take down that I have found. What should be a simple task sometimes turns into a real pain with other pop ups. I’ve seen numerous popups break over the years, especially when cold guys try to take them down after a long day on the ice.

That’s not a problem you would face with the Tamarack. You just pop out the roof and the walls and you are good to go. Putting it away is even easier. You just pop in the walls and the roof at the hub and it goes right in the oversized bag. It’s that simple.

The Clam Tamarack was available on Amazon. It has been sold out for sometime, but the Clam Hub is an equally good substitute.


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