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Published on December 19th, 2017 | by The Iceman


Review of the Clam Drop Kick Jig

Review of the Clam Drop Kick Jig The Iceman

Summary: The Drop Kick Jig is one of the best ice fishing jigs ever. It is perfectly crafted to get down deep, show up on a flasher and catch fish!



The Drop Kick Jig by the Clam company is one of the best ice fishing jigs ever made. It was designed by Dave Genz who is also known as “Mister Ice Fishing.” Dave is a master of ice fishing and he came up with something really wonderful in the Drop Kick.

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The Clam Drop Kick Jig is not to be confused with the sleeker Clam Drop Jig which is also good. The Clam Drop looks like a tear drop. The Drop Kick is bulkier and it has more square and linear edges.

The Drop Kick is carefully designed from top to bottom to be the best ice fishing jig it could possibly be. That extends to every part of the jig in ways that most people probably wouldn’t even think about.

For example, you might look at the shape and think it is just an attempt to differentiate itself from other ice fishing jigs available. While that might be true, the reason the front of the jig has a straight line across it is so that ice fishing flashers can pick up the jig more easily! So you never have to worry about finding your jig on the screen or the flasher when you’re using the Drop Kick.

You don’t have to worry about getting your jig down deep either. It’s made of tungsten and shaped to drop like an anchor straight down to the depth you want. From there you can control it well. It is a great jig for dead sticking. It is even better for jigging or banging the bottom on the coldest of the cold days.

Clam Drop Kick jig review

The Drop Kick comes in a variety of colors with each one being somewhat unique. The people at Clam don’t just dip the same jig in a bunch of different paint and call it a day. Instead they have come up with different patterns for the jig. For example there is a plain gold played jig that works well. There is also a firetiger pattern with elevated red eyes on both sides of the jig like a dragonfly nymph. Meanwhile the Pink/White Glow and Black/Chartruese patterns have two small eyes up.

In a recent issue of In Fisherman Magazine, Dave Genz said he actually only carries a small number of jigs out on the ice. He isn’t lugging around huge tackle boxes, especially when going after panfish on lakes he is familiar with. So what does he carry? Well, a number of Drop Kick Jigs in some of the main colors.

You might think that Mr Genz would just say that because of his connection with Clam, but I don’t think that’s the case. There are all kinds of Clam products that he could be promoting to readers of In Fisherman, but he specifically mentioned the Drop Kick. Anyone who has ever fished this jig will surely know why!

The Clam Drop Kick Jig is available at Amazon, Fish USA, and Cabela’s.

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2 Responses to Review of the Clam Drop Kick Jig

  1. James Brown says:

    This is a great jig. It does as advertised, good sonar marks, easy to control, hooks up very well on mouths. Good color selection and some new colors for 2020 look like fish catchers. The hook is strong and sharp and the line tie eyelet is easy to tie into. I have not destroyed one of these yet. I won’t use orange again when after crappies as I can’t keep bass or pike off of it. Lol.

    • The Iceman says:

      Glad to see other people agree with me that these are great. I don’t have any in orange. I wouldn’t mind catching a bass here and there though. The firetiger works great on crappie for me.

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