Ice Fishing Tackle skandia pelkie jig review

Published on February 23rd, 2018 | by The Iceman


Review of the Skandia Pelkie Jig

Review of the Skandia Pelkie Jig The Iceman

Summary: This jig is well made. It gets down deep and catches fish with its great color patterns and ultra sharp hook. Your box should have a few.



The Skandia Pelkie is one of the many varities of ice fishing jigs manufactured and sold by the K&E Tackle company.

This lure is a tear drop tungsten ice fishing jig with a sharp hook that is used by a lot of people.

The Skandia Pelkie seems to have a real reputation in Northern Europe and Canada but it is also well liked in the ice belt of the United States.

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As you would imagine, the Skandia Pelkie comes in a wide variety of colors. Some of the most popular colors are also the most effective. That includes the prerequisite gold along with fancier finishes such as fire tiger, glo red and perch.

The Skandia Pelkie packages claim the little lures are super heavy and super sharp. They’re right. There is no false advertising going on here. Despite the small size of the Skandia Pelkie, the jig is really dense and quickly gets down deep. That’s great when a school of fish moves through and you want to catch as many as possible. You can open your reel and have your jig laying on the bottom of the lake in seconds.

Great for hook shy fish

The hooks are indeed super sharp too. That’s good for light biting and hook shy fish. It might not be as good if you end up burying a jig in your finger but so far I have been lucky enough to avoid such a fate. I try to stay safe on the ice in all ways and I hope you do too.

perch on skandia pelkie jig

I usually see Pelkies sold in individual packages, but on the internet there are a lot of people selling three packs. I don’t know that I have come across a three pack in an actual retail store but then again I may just not have been paying attention. It happens.

The Pelkies are one of the jigs I see in different versions. I am not sure what’s behind this. Sometimes I’ll see Pelkies that have the regular tear drop head and sharp hook and nothing else. Other times I’ll see Pelkies in identical packaging that have a small bead a tiny piece of plastic tubing on the hook. Both versions of the jig work equally well so it’s no big deal, but I can’t help but wonder about this.

A fantastic ice jig

The Skandia Pelkie is a very round and hydrodynamic jig. It doesn’t have any hard edges at all. This probably helps it sink at least a little fast than some of the other jigs out there. I think it helps fish suck the jig in too. With no edges it is a big more of a natural and unconscious process.

The Skandia Pelkie is a well made and designed ice fishing jig that gets down deep and catches fish with a very sharp hook. It can take small fish but also withstand the pressures of much larger fish. It is a good jig all around. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it at all.

The Skandia Pelkie is quite comparable to previously reviewed high quality tungsten ice fishing jigs like the Clam Drop Jig and the Custom Jigs and Spins Chekai. Depending on where you live or fish, one of the jigs might be more easy to find than the others. In this day and age though that doesn’t always matter. You can pretty easily order whichever type of ice fishing lures you desire online and have them sent directly to your house. Of course that assumes you don’t run out of any jigs at the last minute or forget your jig box. I have done both.

The K&E Skandia Pelkie ice fishing jig is available at Amazon and Angler’s Emporium.


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